Time Machine

In 2012 Serial Space curated and produced Time Machine, a 12-day festival of experimental time-based art that featured over 50 Australian and international artists working across performance, installation, electronics and experimental music. Serial Space produced Time Capsule a publication capturing the ideas and documenting the projects of the festival.

Solo Andata, Angel Eyes, Lachlan Anthony, Ella Barclay, Samuel Bruce, Tim Bruniges, Sarah Byrne, Michael Candy, Marco Cher-Gibard, Adnan Chowdhury, Cliques, Creo Nova, Cubist Effects & Instruments, Ann Deslandes, Angus Deveson, Bonita Ely, Erk’s Orchestra (Electronic Resonance Korps), Nancy Mauro-Flude, Four Door, Brian Fuata, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Megan Garrett-Jones, Daniel Green, Helen Grogan, Nathan Harrison, Shane Haseman, Half High, Noelle Janacewska, Jacinta Kelly, Tyson Koh, Andrew McLellan, Scott Morrison, Gail Priest, Zoe Robertson, Sarah Rodigari, Melita Rowston, Michael Salerno, Oscar Slorach-Thorn, Diana Smith, The Sydney Radio Orchestra, Tuff Shem, Jonathan Watts, Aemon Webb, Marcus Whale,  Alex White & Wrong Button Death Squad.

Serial Space
Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Jennifer Hamilton, Tom Smith and Pia van Gelder

Production Team
Sonia Tsai, Producer
Andy Lysle, Technical Manager
Tiani Chillemi, Publicist
Simone Mandl, Designer
Alex Davies, Documentation

Time Machine Program

For all enquiries for the Time Capsule catalogue: jennifer@serialspace.org