The 12-Hour Revolution

The 12-Hour Revolution
Sydney Guild Presents
Suite 7 | Level 1 | 66 Oxford St Darlinghurst Sydney 2010
Friday 21 June 2013, 8am-8pm

In The 12-Hour Revolution, Frances Barrett will endure a repetition of the same act: crawling on her hands and knees in a circle on the floor of the Sydney Guild gallery space. Her pace might vary according to her enthusiasm for the action, her level of fatigue, her physical and mental capabilities and the passing of time. But the action will remain the same. It will be repeated over the course, as the title indicates, of twelve long hours. As each circle is completed, the artist will honk a horn. The sound of this horn will be recorded and relayed on the hour, every hour, from the time it is made, to the end of the 12 hour period. Natalya Hughes

In The 12-Hour Revolution Frances Barrett crawled around a painted circle on the floor of the Sydney Guild gallery space. Each time she completed a ‘revolution’ Frances honked a comical clown horn. The horn sounds were individually recorded through a program developed by sound artists Samuel Bruce and Tom Smith. This program looped each honking sound so that it repeated every 60-minutes after the horn was pressed. Over the duration of the performance these horn sounds built up to a cacophony, enveloping the audience with a wall of sound at the end of the 12 hours. The honk functioned as a sonic trace of the physical action, exploring how sound can mark duration and time.

Natalya Hughes, Frances Barrett: The 12-Hour Revolution

Thomas Smith, Sound Technician
Samuel Bruce, Sound Technician
Natalya Hughes, Catalogue Essay
Kate Blackmore, Documentation
Alex Wisser, Documentation
Sydney Guild: Hossein Ghaemi, Christopher Hodge & Amelia Wallin