Serial Space

Serial Space was an Artist-Run-Initiative based in Chippendale, Sydney. Initiated by Tameka Carter and Louise Dibben in 2008, the space existed at 33 Wellington Street Chippendale until 2013. It was a form of praxis for all the Directors – it was an artistic collective, a space and a community.

Serial Space was dedicated to providing a platform for non-traditional art practices and artists who undertook ambitious, non-commercial and experimental projects. The artforms that Serial Space supported were (but not limited to) sound art, experimental music, electronic art, new media art, and performance art. Serial Space provided a 4-year program of fluid and dynamic events including performances, artist talks, debates, improvisational events, screenings, workshops, show and tells, exhibitions and residencies.

Serial Space
Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, Jennifer Hamilton, Tom Smith and Pia van Gelder

Previous Directors
Alex White, Marian Tubbs, Frederick Rodrigues, Zanny Begg, Alice Williams, Tameka Carter and Louise Dibben

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