My Safeword is Performance

My Safeword is Performance
Live performance as part of Restaging Restaging program at Alaska Projects in Kings Cross
Curated by Brian Fuata, Sarah Rodigari and Jessica Oliveiri
31 August 2014

My Safeword is Performance was a live performance between Frances Barrett and Ivan Crozier that explored the intersection between performance art and BDSM practices. In this performance Ivan physically ‘dominated’ Frances for 20 minutes. Audiences surrounded the two performers in a semi-circle and watched as they tested their physical capacity in order to reach a heightened state through consensual brutal and intimate physicality. The only rule was that if at any point Frances said ‘performance’ then the performance would come to an immediate end.

This performance took place at Alaska Projects as part of the 2014 Restaging Restaging performance program. The curatorial thematic was for each artist to develop a 20-minute performance that would be performed live in front of an audience in an underground carpark.

Text by Amelia Groom