Into My Arms

11 May – 7 July 2018
Ace Open, Kaurna Yarta, Adelaide

Artists included: Amira.h. (VIC), Katherine Botten (VIC), Eugene Choi (NSW), Matt Huppatz (SA), Lonelyspeck (SA), Grace Marlow (SA), Sione Monu (NZ), Kate Power and Susie Fraser (SA), and Athena Thebus (NSW)

Into My Arms begins with the simple gesture of an embrace. Co-curated by Frances Barrett and Toby Chapman, the exhibition and live performance program centred on a series of newly commissioned works, inviting artists to respond to the provocation: in a time of social and political precarity, how can an ‘embrace’ enact a form of resilience and care?

Each of the works presented in Into My Arms elucidate the twofold nature of the embrace; to draw somebody or thing near, and to accept an idea or change. For these artists, the embrace has resonance beyond a physical encounter. Familial relationships, cultural lineages, digital revelations and speculative imaginings each serve to illustrate the emergence of new kinds of intimacy. These intimacies speak to our entanglement to others, to the past and the future, to our surrounding environment, and to new forms of technology. In these instances, to embrace is to experience a sensual, complex and textured understanding of ourselves and of the world around us.

Drawing on the ongoing collaboration between the two curators – which have included endurance performances in the gallery – Into My Arms foregrounds the role of the body, gesture and encounter in the work of these selected artists. As an extension of the exhibition, Into My Arms included a two-day live program, which animated the gallery space as a site of intimacy, sharing and care through performative actions.

Into My Arms accompanying publication