FM[X]: What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like?
Co-Curated with Danni Zuvela, Liquid Architecture
1 + 2 September 2016, 6pm-10pm
Firstdraft, Sydney

There are many feminisms, and many speaking for feminism. Instead of looking for answers, or speaking for women, we have some questions for feminism coming from within systems of sonic affect, or using sound as an acoustic mirror for society. Questions like, how is music one of the desire industries? How do everyday practices and cultures of hearing work to police some utterances but not others? Baffling, muffling and amplifying: What is emitting the noise that is in itself a silence? Can lower frequency listening help us to hear how power works on and through us sonically? What tones, what attunement is required if we want to do this?

Can you give me more volume? Can you turn me up?

Artists included: Chloe Alison Escott (TAS), Cinnamon Templeton (NSW), Clare Cooper (NSW), Coco Solid (NZ), Madboots (QLD), DJ Sezzo Snot (QLD), Evelyn Araluen Corr (NSW), Matka (NSW), Kimchi Princi (NSW), Del Lumanta (NSW), Hannah Bronte (QLD), Gabi Briggs (MLB), Leila El Rayes (NSW), Linda Dement (NSW), Lorna & Aunty Jenny Munro (NSW), Maysa Abouzeid (MLB), Rosyln Helper (NSW), Saba Vasefi (NSW) and Salote Tawale (NSW)

Salote Tawale’s response to FM[X] for Runway Conversations