24-hr live performance as part of Liquid Architecture‘s program What Would a Feminist Methodology Sound Like?
West Space, Melbourne
17-18 September 2015

Curator was a performance undertaken by both Frances and the two Co-Curators of Liquid Architecture, Danni Zuvela and Joel Stern. Frances blindfolded herself for a 24-hour period and requested that the Danni and Joel care for her across this time. Curator was a deliberation on the role of the curator in the development and execution of live works, and sought to embody and enact a ‘feminist methodology’ in the shared realisation of the work.

Video link to the final performance by Danni Zuvela and Joel Stern at West Space (Melbourne) on 18 September 2015

Frances Barrett <****>
to:           Danni Zuvela <****>
Joel Stern <****>
date:       Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 7:53 AM
subject:  Curator

Dear Joel and Danni –

You both, as the two Artistic Directors of Liquid Architecture, have asked me to participate in a program titled What does a feminist methodology sound like?. Your curatorial proposition.

This email, and in turn this conversational thread, is the beginning of my response to this proposition.

What I am proposing is a new work called Curator, and I am asking that both of you realise this work with me.

So let’s go from here to hear.

Here you both are as the Artistic Directors of Liquid Architecture, and you have curated me here*, as an artist into this project.

The word curator originates from the Latin word cūrāre which means to care for, to attend to. You as the two curators of this program have asked me to consider a feminist approach to the creation of a sound work and to the act of listening. So Joel and Danni, Curators, let’s undertake a project together of careful listening and care taking.

I consider a methodology is a process, and a sound to be the outcome of an action. So let’s focus on the processual, and the feminist strategies of collaboration, listening, intimacy, and embodied action to get us there.

I invite you to ‘care for me’ over a 24-hour period. I will cover my eyes so that I will be unable to see throughout this time, which is a form of embodiment that I am unfamiliar with. I propose to be with you between 9pm Thursday 17 September until 9pm Friday 18 September 2015. You will collect me from Melbourne airport on Thursday evening. As soon as we meet, the performance will begin.

I will not talk to you or look at you.
I will not ask you for anything.
I will not direct you towards anything.
I will not suggest anything.
I will be in your presence for a continuous 24-hour period.
I will not carry a phone, any identification, or any money.
I want to be able to touch you for the complete 24-hour period – unless you choose not to on the occasions of sleeping, shitting, showering or pissing.
When you are showering or using the bathroom, you can choose to put me temporarily in the care of another Curator or place my two hands on the wall outside of the room that you will be occupying.
You can choose to show me to the bathroom when you think I need to piss or shit or change my tampon.
You must determine before the performance begins whether I will be menstruating during this time.
You must introduce me to everyone that you engage with over the 24-hour period with this statement:
This is Frances Barrett, she is an artist who is participating in my program, What Does a Feminist Methodology Sound Like? as part of Liquid Architecture. This is her 24-hour performance, Curator. 
If there is an emergency then you can choose to explain to me what is going on. I will then determine if the performance ends or not.
If you think I have hurt myself then ask me, Have you hurt yourself? Do you want to end the performance? I will then determine if the performance ends or not.
You will provide a photographer throughout the 24-hour period to document parts of the process.
I will be in your complete care.

In the final hour of this performance I ask that you write an epistolary response to my proposition and to the experience of the work in the form of a reply all email. After which I want you, as Curator, to read both these emails in succession to a live audience in Westspace on Friday 18 September 2015. For this reading, I want the photographer to compile a series of images taken of the performance to play in a slide show behind you. I want this final stage of the performance to be video and audio recorded.

In your letter I want you to address what we did across the 24-hour period, how you cared for me, and determine how, in your perspective and with your experience, I have addressed your original proposition. Perhaps it does. Perhaps it doesn’t.

On the conclusion of your reading, you can tell me to open my eyes and that the performance has finished.

From here to hear.
From here, as email. To hear, as script.
From here, as silent artist**. To hear, performing Curator***.

Any questions please do not hesitate to email me. Please note that I consider the negotiations of this performance crucial to keep via email thread.

This is an intimate contract that I hope you are interested in agreeing to.

Sincerely. Always.

Frances Barrett

*Directive for the live performance: Point to me.
**Point to me
*** Point to yourself