All Ears: A listening party

All Ears: A listening party
1 September 2018
Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney
Concept Frances Barrett, Co-curated Frances Barrett and Jess Olivieri.

Artists included: Alissar Gazal, Samia Sayed, Emily Crocker, Enoch Mailangi, Marcus Whale, Jax Jacki Brown, Koco Carey, Brian Fuata, Nina Buchanan, Kate Britton, Hayley Forward and 2 Boys in Saris.

All Ears: A listening party was a 4hr live event that asked audiences to attune themselves to the practice of queer listening. Taking place inside a theatre context, All Ears drew together the performative processes of both queerness and listening. Queer theorist José Esteban Muñoz proposes that queerness is a performative mode: “it is not simply a being but a doing for and toward the future.” Understood in this way, queerness is a process. A series of ongoing actions directed towards troubling existing stratum of power that perpetuate the silencing and invisibility of particular bodies. All Ears turns to listening as one such action, imagining the ear as an opening through which queer ethics, politics, aesthetics, intimacies and desires can be received and channelled.

All Ears will be accompanied by a podcast, The Third Ear. Developed by Kate Britton and Hayley Forward The Third Ear will thread research material together with the documentation of the live event for a deeper listening experience. The Third Ear will be released in early 2019.

Listen to The Third Ear here.

All Ears: A listening party program

Concept Frances Barrett
Co-curated Frances Barrett & Jess Olivieri
Assistant Curator Akil Ahamat
Sound Designer & Audio Technician Hayley Forward
Lighting Designer Peter Rubie
Production Assistant & Lighting Operator Emily Moffat
Assistant Audio Technician Felix Abrahams

All Ears: A listening party, Stella Maynard and Em Size, Running Dog